Selling a townhome is no easy feat these days in Maple Grove. There are lots of homes for sale, and prices are very competitive. Lane stuck with us through thick and thin. He was always professional, always available and always ready to answer our questions. He made sure that our home was as marketable as possible, only asked for price concessions when absolutely necessary, and went so far as to sacrifice his own personal gain just so we could get out home sold. 

In the end, he succeeded in getting us the best price possible for our home (sold over the holidays!); and more importantly, he negotiated a great deal on our new home. This made everything worthwhile. The negotiations and closings went off without a hitch. He is not your typical fly-by-night real estate agent. Lane is the real deal. 

We would recommend him without ANY reservations.

- Brian and Diana Soderholm
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Know Your Needs

Drive To Learn

Evaluate as you drive though a community. Consider the following questions as a basis for determining your location needs:

• Where is the nearest shopping center, bus line, police station and library?
• What schools are available and school district are you in?
• What types of homes (single family, apartments, condominiums) are in the neighborhood?
• How far apart are the homes?
• How far is it to your work?
• What community resources are available?
• Generally, where are the cars parked (driveways, garages, street)?
• Do you notice a lot of noise, traffic or pollution?
• Are the homes in good repair and the landscaping well kept?

Finding The Right Home

Keep your eyes open and your notebook in hand as you walk through a potential home. Consider the following questions as a basis for determining your needs as a homeowner:

• How long has the home been on the market?
• Why is the home being sold?
• What is the asking price of the home?
• Has the price been lowered?
• Is the price comparable to other homes in the neighborhood?
• What is the down payment required?
• Is the house structurally sound?
• Is there room enough for the present and the future?
• Do you like the floor plan of the home?
• What condition is the yard in?
• What improvements must be made?
• Will the seller repair or replace any items that need repair or replacement?


Think carefully about each house you see and don’t be in a hurry. Your REALTOR® can point out the pros and cons of each home from a professional standpoint.

The Offer

Making an offer to buy a home entails many factors. You and your REALTOR® will discuss the following factors prior to putting the offer on the table:

• Amount of earnest money
• Down payment
• Price you are offering
• Details of financing
• Proposed move in date
• Proposed closing date
• Details of the sale
• How long the offer is valid

The seller will either accept the offer as presented, or make a counter offer and either you will agree to the terms in counter offer or you will submit another proposal. When all the parties involved have agreed upon the details, initialed any revisions, and signed the final agreement, then an offer becomes a contract.



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