My husband and I moved out of our previous twin home into a new twin home at the end of March 2009. The twin home was listed with another realtor at that time. Not only did that realtor not work to sell our home, he never even bothered to send our copy of the contract we signed with him.

In mid October on a Monday, we received a call from Rob Monson, of ReMax Results, where he informed us that our twin home had been off the market for two weeks. The previous realtor had not contacted us at all for over two months, so we were unaware that it was off the market. 

We set up a meeting with Rob Monson for the next day & at that time signed w ReMax Results. On Wed he sent his professional photographer to take pictures of the home for the web virtual tour. On Thursday a For Sale sign had been placed on the lawn and the house pictures were on the web. The pictures were awesome. On Friday they have a first showing followed by a couple more showings that first weekend. By the following Monday, one week after that introductory call, we already had an offer & the person buying wanted to close on Nov 20th, which would have been 30 days after ReMax Results had put the house on the market.

Needless to say, we were very pleased that Rob had taken the initiative to contact us. We will definitely refer others to ReMax Results, the service & communication with them was excellent.

- Rosalind Sandberg

Considering moving to Chanhassen, Minnesota? The Monson & Larson Real Estate Group is a progressive, cutting edge real estate company that has experience buying and selling in Chanhassen, and knows the Chanhassen real estate market well. Below you will find an overview of the Chanhassen community. Contact us today to get started! 


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Chanhassen, 17 miles SW of Mpls./St. Paul, offers a pleasant blend of rural and suburban atmosphere, while still holding onto small town values. Chanhassen offers great shopping, leisure and recreational opportunities, all within a thriving business community. The city features 42 parks, 90 miles of trails, 11 lakes and a recreation center. Chanhassen is home to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres.



Chanhassen’s development from a quiet town to a prosperous suburb of the Twin Cities has been dramatic in the past few years. 


Early settlers arrived during the 1850s to stake out farms. The records show that the first claim settled in Chanhassen Township was in June 1852 by Joseph Vogel, west of Rice Lake, and near the Shakopee Station. Vogel was a German and had lived in St. Paul before coming to this area.


The Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad also drew more settlers to the little town, and in 1896 the Village of Chanhassen was incorporated. Pauly’s General Store became the main store in the village, and a saloon, feed store, lumber yard and the State Bank of Chanhassen also became established.


Chanhassen’s population and businesses grew slowly for several decades. During the 1960s, Chanhassen’s first mini-mall was built to house a drug store, grocery store, hardware store, and a restaurant and was located at the corner of Great Plains Boulevard and West 78th Street. In 1967, the present City of Chanhassen was formed by a merger of the village and surrounding township; the population increased to 4,200.


That same decade, a home-builder named Herb Bloomberg moved his business to Chanhassen and opened a lumber and hardware store to provide him with specialty wood products. He became interested in the theater business, having built the Old Log Theatre in Excelsior, and opened his own 600-seat theater in Chanhassen in October 1968, combining dining and entertainment to create the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. Today, under new ownership, the theatres attract annual audiences of more than 300,000, as well as theater professionals from all over the world.


In the late 1970s, Chanhassen embarked on a redevelopment plan for its downtown and industrial parks. Today, our thriving businesses include a variety of commercial and industrial companies. Downtown Chanhassen offers shopping, eating, and entertainment. Currently, over 500 businesses call Chanhassen home and they employ over 8,500 people. Chanhassen’s main industries include: printing, financial services, medical products, engineering, food production, and high-tech manufacturing. 



Local businesses include a variety of commercial and industrial companies. Downtown Chanhassen offers great shopping, eating, and entertainment. Since 1995, Chanhassen has added 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial space, which includes approximately 550 businesses that employ over 9,500 people.


Chanhassen industries include: printing, financial services, medical products, engineering, food production, high-tech manufacturing, and many more.


Chanhassen is home to several attractions that are well-recognized throughout the state and even nationally including the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Paisley Park Studios and Eckankar Spiritual Campus.

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres is the nation's largest professional dinner theatre, and the largest privately owned restaurant in the state of Minnesota. Since 1968, more than 200 plays have been produced and played to more than ten million guests.



There are two school districts that serve the city; Eastern Carver County School District 112 and Minnetonka School District 276. There is also a charter school and two private schools that call Chanhassen home.


Parks and Recreation:

The quality and number of recreational facilities in a community directly contributes to quality of life. For this reason, the City of Chanhassen places a strong emphasis on parks, open space, trails and recreation. Chanhassen’s park system features 42 parks and open spaces scattered throughout the community. There are 90 miles of trails for walkers, bikers, runners, and in-line skaters to enjoy. The trails connect downtown, parks, and neighborhoods.


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