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Resources for Home Sellers

A Team Effort

The overwhelming majority of home sellers find it advantageous to team up with The Monson & Larson Group. Most home owners feel that it is better to entrust the sale of their biggest investment to a professional. There are a number of complexities of modern Real Estate transactions that should be considered, not to mention the access to the MLS, advertising, marketing, and the screening of buyers which are available to assist the seller. The Monson & Larson Group will know the condition of the market at the time you are selling. We will also be able to help you determine the value of your property with a Competitive Market Analysis.

Money Matters

Today’s buyer is well informed and price sensitive. A property that is priced over the market can often deter buyers who are serious about finding a property. If the property is under-priced, it will most likely sell quickly - to the detriment of your net proceeds. Care and research should be taken when establishing the original listing price.


There are many factors that will affect the selling price. The following should help you determine the price you can expect to receive:

 What are the prices (listing and selling) of similar homes in your area?

• What is the size, layout and condition of your home in comparison to others on the market?

• What is the location of your home, are you in a desirable area that is in demand?

• Does your home have amenities that are currently popular in the marketplace?

• Is it a buyers' market or a sellers' market?



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